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Innovation is key to staying ahead in the highly competitive real estate sector… Labyrinth can help unlock your full potential with cutting edge digital signage and touch screen solutions.

We understand the real estate sector incredibly well and since the introduction of this advanced signage technology, we have specialised in helping the real estate sector embrace it for competitive advantage.

Labyrinth has a variety of innovative and highly customised solutions that provide centralised management of content through our world class content management platform – Contegro. All of our solutions integrate with property management software; allowing for automated listing management.

Touch Window

Customer interaction around the clock

Is your real estate marketing the best of the best? Stay on top of your game by transforming your windows into interactive displays, allowing you to communicate with prospective customers day or night. 

Real estate has never been more competitive, more dynamic and challenging – Labyrinth can help make sure you don’t get left behind!

Touch Window - Brochure


Why are real estate touch windows

essential in today’s market?

Non-stop customer communication

24 hours/ 7 days a week your real estate touch screen windows are ready for customer interaction.

Fantastic showcasing of properties

Large screens display full size imagery and videos. We can turn any store front window glass into fully interactive touch screens, using touch foil through-glass technology.

Vendors gain from added-value marketing

Touch windows are another way you can demonstrate to vendors how you can market their property in superior ways.

Delivers interactive experience demanded by consumers

Static displays with limited information are fast becoming outmoded as prospective customers crave more control and access to dynamic information.

Keeps you ahead of the competition

Keeps you ahead of the competition Embrace the latest technology in real estate marketing and your business will immediately be associated with ‘innovation’.


Digital Signage

Communications that cut through


How do you cut through the increasing ‘marketing noise’ consumers experience on a daily basis?

Digital signage is the answer.

Digital Signage - Brochure


Why is digital signage an easy, effective communication tool?

Grab and hold attention by turning your windows into eye-catching displays.

From single screens to full window video walls and outdoor digital billboards; we have a solution that will create impact and drive potential customers into your office.

Communicate key messages anywhere inside or outside your office.

As well as real estate window displays and other front of store displays; digital screens can work their magic in reception, meeting rooms etc by featuring properties, communicating marketing messages and entertaining customers with weather reports, news headlines etc. These screens can also be used in staff areas for internal communications.

Automatic feeds of flexible content, eliminate double handling.

Manage messages either centrally at head office or at branch level by using automatic feeds, including property listings direct from your internal listing management software.



Sales Team Touch Screen

PLAYprint is an innovative real estate touch screen solution for presentation and education, designed to make your sales team more efficient and knowledgeable.

Positioning the PLAYprint Touch Screen in your reception allows customers to directly interact with it themselves, generating flyers or emails of property listings that interest them.

Digital Signage - Brochure


Quickly prepare brochures direct from touch screen

Using touch screen technology, this interactive, user-friendly screen can help save your sales team time and give them the professional edge. With the touch of a few criteria directly on-screen, a selection of property listings can be sent straight to the printer; creating great looking brochures ready to present to clients in no time!

PLAYprint can also be used for emailing property information direct to customer.

Effectively educate sales teams in presentation mode

This dual-purpose screen also performs as your in-house educator by automatically switching to presentation mode when it is not being touched. The possibilities for what you display to your sales team are almost limitless… reminders to reinforce training messages, key dates and events in the calendar, REINZ sales data, monthly sales figures, REAA notifications etc.

PLAYprint can be used to present a wide range of customer focused information and marketing messages for customers.


What’s great about PLAYprint?

Reduces sales team preparation time for client meetings, producing a return on investment via improved efficiency and happier sales teams.

Eliminates hassle involved in searching through multiple systems for listings on PCs – simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to select criteria and print.

Prints professional, pre-formatted marketing collateral – brochure templates produce consistent and effective marketing information to present to vendors and prospective buyers.


Internal Communications

A showcase for real estate


Communicating with your real estate sales staff has never been easier or more effective. Labyrinth can help turn your digital screens into a powerful internal communications channel.

Contegro, our content management platform, can be used to inform and entertain your teams; making a real difference to their knowledge, motivation and performance.

Internal Comms - Brochure


How can you use this channel of
internal communications effectively?

Inform and motivate sales teams with company communications.

Deliver the real-time property listings, real estate statistics, REAA notifications, health & safety notices, training messages, calendars for training/events, reminders about team activities and social events and more.

Grab and hold attention with entertainment.

By combining entertainment, such as live news feeds, traffic reports, weather, quizzes and inspirational quotes, with the company communications above, you can ensure your staff remain more engaged.


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