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Digital Menu Boards - Now the preferred choice for food menus and in-store marketing!

In what is becoming an increasingly visual world, digital menu boards are a vital in-store marketing tool and can showcase your menu, drive in-store promotions and upsell opportunities as well as provide engaging content for customers while they wait.

Jayen Foods | Digital Menu Boards


Contegro® CMS makes it easy for you to create, manage and publish your digital menu content from a single cloud-based location. Digital Menu Boards can be managed at store level or centrally managed across multiple stores from your Head Office. You can even choose to automate the process by way of a live content feed from your menu management or accounting software.

Their immediacy and use of dynamic content make Digital Menu Boards the obvious choice over costly and wasteful printing methods.

Digital menu boards offer big benefits:

  • Capture your customer’s attention with vibrant, dynamic and moving content
  • Increase sales by introducing promotional or marketing messages to your menus
  • Reduce your customers’ perceived wait time by providing engaging, value-added content while they wait
  • Make simultaneous changes globally or individually across all locations 
  • Access from any location - all you need is internet access
  • Eliminate costs of printing, delivery and wastage associated with traditional menus
  • Quick and simple menu management and editing; remove unavailable items, offer new products, manage daily specials, update pricing, schedule multiple menus and targeted promotions in advance, choose the time of day and day of week for each menu or promotion

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Burger King | Digital Menu Boards

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