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If you are looking for the best in digital signage software, hardware and support, you are in great company - Labyrinth looks after many leading brands in New Zealand and Australia.

Looking for a digital signage solution that is easy to use, grabs attention and gets results? Talk to us about options from digital video walls, indoor / outdoor digital billboards through to digital communications that amplifies employee communication throughout your business.



We’ll help you push the boundaries by customising a solution to your individual requirements. Having developed our own world-class CMS platform, we have unrivaled flexibility to deliver on complex projects with complete customisation.

Delivering on all aspects of your project from design, content creation through to an extensive range of digital signage hardware.


No matter the size of your project, we can tailor a solution to suit.

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Powerful Features

Cloud Platform

Central management of all digital displays from a single location, regardless of whether it is one screen or a worldwide network.

Mobile App

Manage digital signage content on the go, via iOS and Android devices.

Flexible License Options

Offers both monthly subscription and upfront (one-off) pricing plans.

Passive & Interactive

A central platform for both digital signage and fully interactive touch solutions.

Secure Data Transfer

SSL security for encrypted server-client link.

Continuous Operation

Even when your internet drops! The full 24hr schedule is stored on the device and will continue to play.

Developed By Us

Contegro gives us the flexibility to deliver on complex projects with complete customisation.

Flexible Permission Control

Manage content and display access by person, department or branch location.

Extensive Media Player Support

LG System on Chip (SoC), Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu and Android.

Simple Content Management

Effortlessly manage slide content via the Web Portal interface, accessible via your desktop or mobile devices.

Built to Any Display Resolution

Standard display, video wall, screen projector or fully customised.

Dynamic Preview

See instant updates as you type and edit slide content.

Custom-designed, Automated & Dynamic Slides

Choose from our default slide layouts or bespoke design to suit company requirements.

User-friendly Playlist Management

Unlimited playlists! Assign to individual/multiple screens. Drag & Drop to build playlist and view playlist duration.

Day-part & Campaign Scheduling

7 Day scheduling of slides and playlists as well as recurring scheduling of slide content.

Information / Ticker Bar

Draw attention to important announcements. Items can be ‘Themed’ and set to show at scheduled and recurring times.

Information / Ticker Bar Permissions

Control access to manage ticker bar items by person, department or branch location.

Up-time Monitoring & Alerting

Coverage across all displays at a glance.

Remote Management for LG SoC Displays

View screen snapshot, info details, set on/off timers, turn on/off or restart, update app and firmware +more.

Dynamic Content

Customise content by screen location using content tags, which removes unnecessary repetition of slides and playlists.

Automate Streaming Data

API, XML / RSS, XLS / CSV, Google Sheets.


Video streaming of television/Internet content. Our LG SoC media player supports UDP multicast and HLS streams.

Bespoke API integration

we provide custom integration with any application. Just ask!

Current Real Estate API's

Property Suite, My Desktop, RealNZ, Sales Partner, TradeMe.

Current API's

Microsoft Power BI, Halo BI, SharePoint, Office365 Outlook Shared Calendars, Google Calendar, Yammer, Google Sheets, Ask Nicely, Customer Radar, Customer Monitor, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Stuff, Swell Map, Weather API.

WebView / Screensaver (Add-on)

View your Digital Signage feed from any desktop or mobile device via the Web Browser or our Mobile App. Even display your digital signage feed via our Windows Screensaver App

Facial Recognition

Display highly targeted content based on the characteristics of the viewing audience; such as gender and age range.



Use the slider to choose how many Software Licenses you need. A software license is required for each media player and System-on-Chip (SoC) device within your digital signage network. 

  • An Enterprise License is available for projects with 100+ displays.

Cloud License - Subscription

Our cloud software license covers: Digital Signage Player License, Cloud CMS Software (with Planned Updates) and File Storage.

Price on Application, please use the Enquiry form below

12 Month Term


per license



Per month

36 Month Term


per license



Per month

Enterprise License - One-off Payment

A one-off payment option for an Enterprise License is available for projects with 100+ displays. Your environment can be self-hosted, or maintained and hosted by Labyrinth.

Price on Application, please use the Enquiry form below

Optional Services

Enterprise Hosting


Maintenance & Support



Per month

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Media Player Support

Our digital signage software has been certified to run on LG System-on-Chip (SoC) as well as support for Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Labyrinth is proud to be the first New Zealand digital signage company to develop ‘system-on-chip’ technology for LG commercial signage screens.
With no physical media player in your digital signage network, you can significantly reduce the hardware acquisition cost for large network rollouts and your digital signage will be robust and reliable.


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