5 reasons why it is best to use commercial screens in your business… including having more ‘nits’!

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If you have the latest in digital signage technology, why would you not use the latest in screen technology to get the most out of your digital solutions?

It’s like owning the latest iphone and carrying around a paper-based diary to scribble in your business appointments. Or like eating a healthy quinoa and kale salad for lunch accompanied with a can of coca cola…it just doesn’t make sense!

Read on to find out why it pays to have more ‘nits’ in your business! Here are five reasons why you should be using commercial displays rather than consumer screens for your digital signage network:
  1. Built for heavy-duty use around the clock. Commercial grade screens are built with heavy-duty components designed to handle long hours. Entry level commercial displays are designed for 18hr a day, 7 days a week usage and mid to high end commercial displays are designed for 24/7 operation. By contrast, consumer screen are designed for limited time operation with the intent of long off times, which won’t cut the mustard in most business situations.

  2. Warranties - fit for purpose. Most commercial displays come with a 3-year warranty and ideally you should check that it is an on-site warranty. Many people don’t consider the fact that consumer displays will generally only come with a 1-year warranty. An even more significant consideration is the fact that the warranty may be limited to 90 days if using a consumer display within a commercial environment. So, be aware!

  3. Flexible display orientation – landscape or portrait, you choose! Most commercial display screens are designed for both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation, while a consumer screen is normally only designed for landscape (horizontal) orientation.
    Labyrinth tip! Even if buying a commercial screen, it pays to check that Portrait orientation is supported. A screen that doesn’t support portrait orientation will degrade quickly if orientated vertically. 

  4. Built in media player and direct control – no need for external media player hardware! The leading manufacturers support System-on-Chip (SoC) Technology for their mid to high end commercial screens. This means that everything that is needed to display your content is completely housed within the screen itself. This includes the CPU, graphics processor and memory, which are the core components that make up a standard computer. Given the fact that all this processing is done within a single chip not much bigger than your thumbnail, it delivers the power of a traditional computer but is far more energy efficient.
    The leading commercial display manufacturers (LG, Samsung, NEC and Phillips etc.) have considered the needs of digital signage when building these screens and solution providers such as Labyrinth have developed software to run directly on-chip.
    By removing the need to have a physical media player, you are saving on cost as well as improving on reliability. As the media player hardware is generally the first point of failure in a digital signage network. With on-chip technology, we tap into a range of functionality that is only available when communicating directly with the screen via the on-chip operating system. Why would you want to miss out on all the important functions that make our digital solutions so easy, convenient and leading edge.

  5. Much brighter displays! Usually with displays, brighter is better because it is more attention grabbing! Brightness is measured by a ‘nit’ or ‘cd/m2, which is a unit of visible-light intensity. As a point of reference, most consumer TV screens are around 300 nits. Now, unlike the other type of nits, with these brightness units, the more nits, the merrier! (the higher the nits, the brighter the display).
    The following is a guide to the ideal brightness range for commercial displays depending on the purpose of the display:
    • Internal use with no direct sunlight = 350 – 450nit
    • Internal Video Wall = 500 – 700nit
    • In-window display with no direct sunlight (always shaded) = 1500nit 
    • In-window display with direct sunlight = 2500nit
    • Outdoor Billboards = 3000 – 6000nit

In summary: commercial displays are built for purpose with heavy duty, long lasting componentry for long life operation. They also come with a range of features specifically designed for digital display purposes to help you get the most out of your investment in digital communication solutions. 

Send an enquiry or call 0800 422338 - if you have a question or would like to discuss hardware options for your next digital signage project. We source and supply hardware that is fit for purpose.

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