Digital Communication Channel

Better business performance starts with better internal communications.

Powerful, consistent and timely communication unlocks better employee engagement, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, lower staff turnover and improved health and safety. 

Better communication with employees is a tool that your leadership teams will find essential in building relationships and improving their level of influence. In turn, this leads to better business performance.


Internal communications become powerful when they are delivered in attention grabbing, interesting and ‘snackable’ ways. Information is reinforced when it is consistent and memorable. Being able to tailor content makes it relevant and timely. All of these benefits from Labyrinth’s digital communications channel solution result in being more dynamic with your communications… the secret to communicating more effectively.

What is a dynamic
digital communications channel?

It is the ‘hub’ for your overall internal communications strategy; delivering key business messages more effectively. We help you discover where your business communications gaps and needs are – providing tailored solutions to your unique situation and guiding you every step of the way. 

If you have communication challenges such as; how to create ‘cut through’ to a large workforce that is mobile or spread across multiple sites; message inconsistency; and fragmented communications that involve outmoded or ineffective methods of communication, then it’s time to enter the new age of internal communications.


Here are some examples of what the digital communications channel can be used to communicate…


Business goals and purpose

so you can ensure that all staff have a common goal and clear purpose they are working towards

Performance productivity reporting

on sales targets is going to encourage employees to go the extra mile

General company announcements

create a common understanding and promote positive attitudes towards change

Building morale and corporate culture

will reinforce behaviours that are central to corporate culture and will help produce engaged employees

Customer Satisfaction

where presenting branch/ company level customer satisfaction scores (NPS), will ensure customer service is top of mind

Health & Safety communication

is an important compliance requirement and holds a healthy, safe working environment in high regard

Encourage 2-way communicaton

where employees feel supported to be proactive with ideas, suggestions and comfortable giving feedback

Profile the company’s community contribution

to staff and visitors with your active support of charities and involvement in education and sponsorship


The digital communications channel
can also be used for External Communications


A channel to build your brand, increase customer engagement and sales.

Here's a way you can turn down time into up time. An ideal time to up-sell, cross-sell and increase customer engagement (and in turn, sales), is when customers are waiting. Even if your only goal is to create happier customers and minimise the frustration associated with waiting in queues or reception areas, we have the perfect communication solutions.

The digital communications channel is also a great platform for building your brand by reinforcing messages about customer promises, corporate commitment to causes or concerns such as fair trade, sustainability or charity involvement and showcase industry recognition such as awards or certification.

Labyrinth will work with you to uncover the opportunities for improved external communications within your business and customise the best solutions. Solutions could be anything from grabbing customer attention in common areas such as waiting rooms, receptions or meeting rooms through to providing ways to engage better with your suppliers.


We'll supply the equipment and systems from which you can effortlessly stream content that will keep your customers watching

What you feature depends on what you think your audience is most interested in.

Entertainment content? There is a wide selection to choose from!

Slides include; news updates, sports results, sharemarket, weather and entertainment news. Amongst this, you can include marketing messages you wish to communicate to customers; using images, text and video.


Lower training costs!

By reducing staff turnover, companies can significantly lower the costs associated with training new employees

43 percent more productive!

According to the Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, engaged workers were 43 percent more productive.

Employee satisfaction =
Customer satisfaction!

According to a Purdue University study, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are linked. The study revealed that customer satisfaction is directly related to improved financial performance for the company.

Keen to read more about engaged employees and safer work places?

Click here for external research


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