Digital Corporate Communication Channel

Who do you need to engage and communicate with? Employees? Customers? Suppliers and other visitors to your offices, factory or showroom?

Positioning digital displays in strategic spots around your business and showing interesting, relevant content is bound to keep everyone's eyes glued to them. Whatever your communications need, we have the digital communication channel to suit. All our corporate digital solutions are customised to meet your unique requirements, whether that involves selling more, informing more or simply entertaining.


Labyrinth supplies the technology from which you can communicate the dynamic content that will grab your audience’s attention and hold it – it’s like having your very own TV channel! We work with you to compile the right mix of content that you would like to share with your audience and our system will stream it for you. You can select from a wide range of content; including news headlines, traffic and weather reports, quizzes, entertainment and sports results. All of these can be combined with slides providing company communication messages, photos and videos.

Internal Communications

A channel to engage employees

How would you like a tool to communicate better with your employees?

There are many reasons that clients come to Labyrinth for internal communications solutions and expertise; these include improving staff morale, communicating corporate values, motivating teams with targets and performance updates or aiming to be more inclusive and consistent across multiple branches or sites.

Whatever your need, we have a tailored solution to provide the right content to your specific audience via our digital display technology and systems. 


Utilising strategic positions for digital display within in your business...

We provide content that can be viewed by your audiences 24/7 and hold their interest by mixing in business related messaging with popular leisure topics.

We'll help you work out what content will meet your goals from a large selection of possibilities

Including; Company Announcements, Health & Safety Messages, Important Notifications, Staff / Company Noticeboard, Training Calendar, Customer Satisfaction Score (Net Promoter Score), Customer Comments etc

We'll include bespoke slides with company information

Such as; sales targets or information from industry software feeds. Video is also a popular choice for getting business messages across to staff.

You'll find employees more connected and engaged no matter what their role is

From factory workers, through to senior management viewing the screen at break time in the lunch room, this technology helps employees feel acknowledged and part of a wider team.


Take a look at how this internal communications channel could be used in your business…


Company news, awards, media coverage or a new deal

Health & Safety messages and reminders

Information on the latest launch, product or promotion

Your company values

Benefits of a product or service of yours

Explanations of systems & processes

Behind the scenes of a recent staff social event

Community work, such as fundraising or charity support

Practical information relevant to your industry


External Communications

A channel to increase customer engagement and sales

Here’s a way you can turn down-time into up-time. An ideal time to up-sell, cross-sell and increase customer engagement (and in turn, sales), is when customers are waiting.

Even if your only goal is to create happier customers and minimise the frustration associated with waiting, we have the perfect solution.

By positioning TV screens in areas such as waiting rooms, receptions or meeting rooms, you can grab the attention of customers and communicate marketing messages by scattering them amongst popular entertainment.


We'll supply the equipment and systems from which you can effortlessly stream content that will keep your customers watching

What you feature depends on what you think your audience is most interested in.

There is a wide selection to choose from!

Slides include; news updates, sports results, sharemarket, weather and entertainment news. Amongst this, you can include marketing messages you wish to communicate to customers; using images, text and video.


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