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Innovation is key to staying ahead in the highly competitive real estate sector… Labyrinth can help unlock your full potential with cutting edge digital signage and touch screen solutions.

We understand the real estate sector incredibly well and since the introduction of this advanced signage technology, we have specialised in helping the real estate sector embrace it for competitive advantage.

Labyrinth has a variety of innovative and highly customised solutions that provide centralised management of content through our world class content management platform – Contegro.

Touch Window

Customer interaction around the clock

Is your real estate marketing the best of the best? Stay on top of your game by transforming your office-front window into an interactive display, allowing you to communicate with prospective customers day or night. 


Why are Real Estate Touch Windows

Essential in Today’s Market?

Non-stop customer communication

24 hours/ 7 days a week your real estate touch screen windows are ready for customer interaction.

Fantastic showcasing of properties

Large screens display full size imagery and videos. We can turn any store front window glass into fully interactive touch screens, using touch foil through-glass technology.

Vendors gain from added-value marketing

Touch windows are another way you can demonstrate to vendors how you can market their property in superior ways.

Consumer driven interactive experience

Static displays with limited information are fast becoming outmoded as prospective customers crave more control and access to dynamic information.

Keeps you ahead of the competition

Keeps you ahead of the competition Embrace the latest technology in real estate marketing and your business will immediately be associated with ‘innovation’.


All of our solutions integrate with leading 

property management software, for automated listing management


Digital Signage

Communications that cut through


How do you cut through the increasing ‘marketing noise’ consumers experience on a daily basis?

Digital signage is the answer.


Why is digital signage an easy, effective communication tool?

Grab and hold attention by turning your windows into eye-catching displays.

From single screens to full window video walls and outdoor digital billboards; we have a solution that will create impact and drive potential customers into your office.

Communicate key messages anywhere inside or outside your office.

As well as real estate window displays and other front of store displays; digital screens can work their magic in reception, meeting rooms etc by featuring properties, communicating marketing messages and entertaining customers with weather reports, news headlines etc. These screens can also be used in staff areas for internal communications.

Automatic feeds of flexible content, eliminate double handling.

Manage messages either centrally at head office or at branch level by using automatic feeds, including property listings direct from your internal listing management software.

Add the WOW Factor to Your Office Window

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Interactive Kiosk

Introducing a clever solution specifically designed as a real estate marketing and sales tool. Never again will you need to scramble around the office from... computer... to printer... to filing cabinet to find what you need for prospective real estate buyers.

Let your customers’ finger-tips do the talking. With the free standing Interactive Kiosk, everything you need to interact with your buyers is ready right in front of you. In fact, using the kiosk is so intuitive; you don’t even need to be there! Your clients can use it while they wait and even get a short list ready by the time you start talking.

  • Display and short list properties via screen by simply selecting the filter criteria directly on screen

  • Entire property portfolio can be accessed from the kiosk so users can feel free to explore whatever content is included with the listings; review specific details and photos, view videos, go on a virtual tour and even switch views to Google Street View to see around the neighbourhood

  • Users can view both rental and real estate listings

  • Email directly from the kiosk – making it easy to share listings and shortlists


Our Clients In The Media

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Digital signage leading the way in real estate

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Local digital marketing company Labyrinth Solutions has developed a touch screen storefront that ...

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