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Tempt, tantalise, savour and devour…as an operator in the restaurant industry you want your customers’ sensory experience to start as soon as they see your menu. Bright images that present your food well and great layouts to display the full range of menu items are essential for cross selling and up selling.

These things will significantly improve your overall sales volume and have customers coming back for more. These are things that Labyrinth can help you with, being one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of digital menu boards and touch screens.

Digital Menu Boards

Labyrinth has completed one of New Zealand’s largest menu board rollouts!

We were the natural choice for a leading fast food chain when they carried out a major upgrade of their menu board system – because of our comprehensive solutions.

We take care of hardware supply, installation, menu board design and the software to enable you to easily manage your menu board content. Our digital signage platform, Contegro is the central point from where you can create, manage and distribute your digital signage content via the internet… no more messing around with USB sticks!


Switch to digital!

Printed and back-lit menu boards are now the poor cousins against the vibrant, dynamic digital menu boards! This modern technology sends a clear message to your customers; you are professional, innovative and here to stay.

We are the first New Zealand digital signage company to develop ‘system-on-chip’ technology for LG commercial signage screens, which is now the preferred choice for digital menu boards. With no physical media player, it means the software runs directly on the screen; reducing acquisition cost and delivering reliability.


What’s so great about our digital menu boards and touch screens
for restaurant and fast food operators?

Digital is far superior to static and back lit screens

These durable menu screens are better at attracting attention, present more information, look brighter, are more modern and easier to navigate with intuitive layouts.

Commercial screens are fit for purpose

Unlike consumer screens, they are under 3 year warranty for commercial use and include special features such as auto on/off timers, increased brightness, dust and humidity protection and better viewing angle technology; demonstrating that they are designed for 24/7 use.

Save time and costs by reducing admin

With digital, manual menu pricing changes are replaced with automated feeds via Contegro; our software platform that allows you to effortlessly manage content to multiple screens in a timely way.

Pricing flexibility

If you are looking for an affordable professional menu board solution that helps you spread the costs over time, talk to us about lease to own options.


Top quality commercial screens are so important for your business

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