Digital Communication Channel

Designed for Retirement Villages - Residents, Staff & Visitors.

Your new customers are getting younger in mind, body and spirit. Increasingly, age is just a number; which means that retirement villages need to keep up with modern technology to cater for the changing communication needs of a diverse audience.

Residents are not the only audience you need to communicate with – there are also visitors and staff to consider.

Positioning digital screens in strategic spots around your retirement village provides the perfect opportunity to quickly and efficiently communicate important messages, tailored for the location and who is watching. 

Mixing village information such as event or activity reminders in with entertainment such as weather, news and sports, will ensure residents are tuned in when it counts. You can also take advantage of promotional opportunities to both residents and non-residents.


It pays to have more than one way of communicating your messages

Many people fail to read static information on noticeboards and newsletters... especially when new residents are likely to be more tech-savvy than ever before. TV has always been a popular and engaging medium and here is why it is the right solution for your retirement village, whatever your audience.


Reduce paper, phone calls, administration and delays associated with printed newsletters and noticeboards.

Traditional communications are being replaced as people are increasingly tuned in to more dynamic, audio-visual content.

A digital communication channel provides immediacy and content control. The repetitious function of the information bar will visually alert residents to any warnings.

More visibility and cut-through with BOTH visitors and residents as screens provide a colourful and effective comms platform.

Positioned in common areas from reception to lounge, through to gyms and cafés – we'll tailor the content to suit the nature of the location (e.g. dementia units or independent living apartments).

Digital screens positioned in staff lunchroom or meeting areas can be used for training purposes and internal communications.

Multiple uses; including information, entertainment and promotion.

Timetables, notices, alerts and welcome videos are just some ways digital screens can be used to keep residents informed. It also helps to keep audiences tuned in by mixing up varied content including entertainment such as news, sports, travel, quizzes and photo galleries.

In-room TV communication channel is also included in our digital communication service via integration with residents’ cable TV system

This allows residents to tune in to content under your control on a particular channel from the comfort of their own rooms.


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