Feature rich web-based content management system

Contegro is a content management system accessed via cloud computing, providing you the flexibility of managing your digital signage network via a web browser anywhere in the world.

Contegro is regularly enhanced with new features and functionality, as it needs to constantly evolve to remain at the forefront of innovative digital signage technology.



Slide Manager


An easy user interface that manages slides.

Within the slide manager, you can setup and manage slides that are text, image or video based, as well as configure automated content feeds.

You can preview any slides that you have set up with a preview function before adding it to multiple playlists, at the click of a button.

Automate content feeds easily with 3rd party applications.

Contegro is one of only a few digital signage software solutions on the market that has extensive integration capabilities. Overheads are reduced by swapping the day-to-day manual management of slides with automated content feeds; providing a flexible and responsive solution.

Existing API driven feeds.

Contegro has a number of API integrations already in place. For example - Office 365, SharePoint, Google Calendar, Weather API, Swell Map, Snow Reports, Stuff, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Real Estate Listing Management Software; Property Suite, My Desktop, RealNZ, TradeMe and Sales Partner



Playlist Manager

Multiple playlists can be used to control and display different content on screens at different times of the day during the week.

Create and manage an unlimited number of playlists that display either on an independent screen or group of screens.

Drag-n-Drop control allows you to effortlessly customise slide order and frequency. The total duration of your playlist is automatically calculated as you add and remove slides.


Schedule Manager

To manage the time and location of playlist presentation, there is a scheduling function.

This Schedule Manager uses day-part scheduling to switch playlists throughout the day or on different days of the week. Each display can have a separate schedule or share a common schedule.

Info Bar

The info bar feature is used to draw attention to important notices and announcements on screen.

These notifications will remain on screen, as a ticker either along the bottom, top or down the side of the screen, regardless of what slide is displayed. This function helps ensure your message is seen on screen at all times, by all audiences.

Uptime Monitoring

Keep updated with how your digital display network is performing by tuning into the Uptime Monitoring report. This intelligent report provides a real-time snapshot of your network’s status and is perfect for continuous display on a screen within your offices or in our support department.

You will immediately be alerted to any issues as they arise.



Remote Management Control

Take direct control of your displays, using our System-On-Chip technology and our remote management control.

This includes the ability to:
» View a Snapshot of what is being displayed on Screen
» View detailed status information

You can also run remote commands, such as; power off, reboot, change the Auto On/Off Schedule, update the media player software and much more.


How it Works

How the Contegro Platform Works

Our comprehensive and slick platform works by creating a dialogue between the digital signage software (Contegro), media player and digital display. These components cooperate with each other to deliver one of the most seamless systems available.

How it Works


Platform Features

Contegro is a content management system accessed via the Web, providing you the flexibility of managing your digital signage network via a web browser anywhere in the world.



Contegro Innovations

Change is the only constant in our technological world…so we must deliver solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow and help our clients remain two steps ahead of their competitors.



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