Prestige Realty, Milford

24/7 Real Estate Touch Window, Digital Signage

Prestige Realty

Prestige Realty, located in the Auckland suburb of Milford, has turned their static real estate listings into an interactive touch screen window experience. 

We are proud to have Prestige Realty on-board as our first 24/7 Real Estate Touch Window client. Prestige has shown yet again that they are leading the way in Real Estate marketing when they took the leap of faith back in October 2015 with the new technology and have never looked back. 

From the store front, passers-by can browse Prestige's listings, filter their search, view high quality imagery, watch the listing video, get directions, email preferred listings to themselves or a friend and even contact the agent. All through the window! 

Our 24/7 Real Estate Touch Window solution allows prospective buyers to view and interact with listings, on-site, 24 hours a day. It cuts cost and clutter, shows innovation, and is fully measurable - know what your customers are looking at, when they're looking at it. Bring your online experience in-window! Enquire Here or Find Out More


24/7 Real Estate Touch Window
Digital Signage 


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