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In an increasingly digital world, consumers expect to interact with technology in new ways – touch screen kiosks and touch windows are helping to drive that demand, as well as change the face of customer service. 

Labyrinth has taken great care of many leading brands in New Zealand and Australia; guiding them through what can often be a confusing world of advanced signage technology, to make their visions of the future a reality.

Servicing Key Industries

Keeping you ahead of your competition

Whatever sector you are in; retail and hospitality through to real estate and retirement villages, Labyrinth has the latest innovative solutions that can help transform your business by improving communications and operational efficiency.

Touch screens are powerful marketing tools, capable of increasing sales and profitability through sophisticated solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition. Take a look at some of our recent touch screen projects.



One Platform > Total Solution

One central platform to easily manage touch screens and digital signage


Labyrinth has developed a world-class CMS platform, Contegro, which seamlessly integrates the management of content on both your touchscreen and digital signage solutions.

With our own cloud based platform, we can be highly responsive to your individual requirements, customising solutions to suit your unique situation.



Innovation Experts

Experts in touch windows and touch screen innovation

Our expertise in touch screen technology covers the full spectrum; from interactive digital signage through to touch screen kiosks and beyond into turning office or store windows into a touch screen – touch window solutions for real estate and retail is an area Labyrinth specialises in.


Our Process

We'll support you every step of the way to help get your touch screen project up and running smoothly, take a look...


Creating the content capability of your touch screen

This is the planning phase of the project and a very important one for visualising how the end solution is actually going to be used. We help you answer all the what, where, when and why type questions that define the objectives and desired outcomes from your touch screen kiosk or window.

We get you thinking about what the content will be, who the audience is and whether it will be used to perform an action, to inform or another outcome.

Planning > Wire-framing > Design

A visual representation of what the user experience is relative to the desired content within the interface - this is termed a Wire-frame!

Our Wire-frame is then bought to life with elements that make it truly yours. It's the application of branding elements; logos, typefaces and colours that help deliver on the user experience requirements identified earlier. In our experience, all effort put in up front really pays off when it comes to the end of the project and delivering results.

Helping you navigate hardware options

We'll help you evaluate the variety of hardware options available for touch screen kiosks and windows. From wall mounted touch screens, free standing poster format touch screens through to free standing kiosks such as bounce pad style format or horizontal kiosks.

In addition, we specialise in touch enabling glass surfaces that can be used in store or office windows or even on coffee tables. If the options are overwhelming to you, Labyrinth can help guide you to the best solution for your project.

Installation is co-ordinated for you

There can be various resources required to support the installation of your touch screen depending on the location, what access to power and network is required, along with the type of physical hardware being installed.

We can take care of this for you by co-ordinating the support that is required to get your touch screen installed and ready for action.

Support continues beyond installation

Support for both hardware and software for your touch screen solutions is something Labyrinth customers can depend on. In fact, we recognise this need for reliable ongoing support services is so important that we pride ourselves on our support offering.

Ongoing uptime monitoring and remote management of your touch screen kiosk hardware will ensure downtime is minimised and any issues are resolved promptly.


Our Projects

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